Who Are We?

A Boutique SEO Agency in Thailand

Noria is a digital marketing agency in Thailand who specialises in everything SEO related (We also offer paid media management, such as Google Ads and Facebook Advertising.) We pride ourselves as an ethical SEO agency in Thailand with years of experiences in on-page SEO, off-page SEO and tackling technical issues for clients site. Our SEO company provides SEO services to the clients locally (Chiang Mai), across the country (Outsource SEO) and to the rest of the world (Offshore SEO). All our services are featured in both the Thai and English languages. Contact us to have a chat to see if we can help, no pressure whatsoever 😉

Why Us?

We Are Cool To Work With.

More than just digital.

We go beyond digital and tech-y. Respectful communication and collaboration within our team members are important to us and we work hard to grow them—the same goes for our clients. There’s also no such thing as too much coffee, Red Bull or pulling an all-nighter around here. Maintaining worklife balance is an important aspect for everyone, and like we all knew, healthy employees are like the jewels on the crown.

Never stop learning.

We stay ahead by always learning something new, replicating on what’s working, scrap what’s not, and sharing it with our clients. One of our agency’s core values is continual learning and improvement. We cultivate a growth mindset among us– which unleashes our team’s positive energy toward the situation at hand or setbacks. No outcome is final, every result can be a catalyst for further improvements.

Genuine and ethical.

We provide services, work and communicate in a transparent and honest manner. We tell you things the way they are from our perspective. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not. There’s no high-pressure selling around here. We won’t trick you into buying services your website doesn’t need. We give our best advice and always let our prospects decide for themselves.

What Are Our Specialties?

Ways To Grow Your Business With Noria's Core Services

Born a purely link-building agency in 2011, with little involvement to sweat and tears, we grew and expanded our services to maximise what we learn through the years and use one of the world’s most powerful digital marketing channels like Google to grow your websites and businesses. Our SEO services include:

Link Building Service

Backlinks help businesses establish credibility while increasing your domain authoritativeness. We have built many long-term relationships with reputable content bloggers and website owners to help you improve your backlink profile naturally. We will find those niche blogs that cater to your customers as well. No sketchy links. No black-hat strategies.

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Technical SEO & SEO Audit

To maximise your website's full potential, we utilise the best SEO tools available on the market to help inspecting and identifying any technical issues on your website. We work to ensure your website is compatible with up-to-dated guidelines from Google so your pages can be crawled and indexed properly.

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Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO or Onsite Optimisation is the most important contributing factor for your website's rankings. It is sometimes the first baby step for many more processes to come, and is always will be an essential part. If your site content is well-optimised, engaging and informative, you are likely to rank for most relevant keywords. And, we can make that happen for you ;)

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Managed SEO Services

If you’re looking for comprehensive SEO strategies in that increases your visits each month, we can come up with one for you. Our SEO packages invoice regular link building, improving your page speed, adding website content and continuing to find out what it is your ideal customer wants most from your website, and more! 

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Local SEO

Local SEO allows you to find customers that are local. Use your marketing budget to entice those who live and work around you to visit your place of business instead of advertising all over the internet without the ins and outs around it. We understand local SEO, and we have the tracking tools needed for it. And no, you don't have to be a business operated in Thailand.

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SEO Consulting Service

Not quite sure what you need to do to improve your online presence or increase sales? No problem. We can set up a kickoff discussion via a Skype video call or a Zoom video meeting to discuss your online marketing goals. Send us your information and schedule a one-hour call at your availability. Yup, It is as simple as that.

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